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The LiverTox website is written to provide comprehensive and clear information on the hepatotoxicity of medications, herbals and nutritional supplements.  Abbreviations are used in the text but kept at a minimum and limited largely to those that are common in clinical practice.  The following abbreviations may be encountered in LiverTox, although abbreviations will generally be introduced before use in the text.  Abbreviations that are not introduced before use include:  (1) routes of medication administration [e.g., intravenous, or iv] and units of measure [e.g., gram, or g], which are indicated with an asterisk below; and, (2) selected abbreviations within reference annotations.

AIDSacquired immunodeficiency syndrome
Alk Palkaline phosphatase
ALTalanine aminotransferase
Anti-HAVantibody to hepatitis A virus
Anti-HBcantibody to hepatitis B core antigen
Anti-HBeantibody to hepatitis B e antigen
Anti-HBsantibody to hepatitis B surface antigen
Anti-HCVantibody to hepatitis C virus
ASTaspartate aminotransferase
BUBodansky Unit
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CKcreatine kinase
CTcomputed tomography
DILINDrug Induced Liver Injury Network
EBVEpstein-Barr virus
ERCPendoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
ESRerythrocyte sedimentation rate
FDAFood and Drug Administration
GGTgamma glutamyl transpeptidase
HAVhepatitis A virus
HBVhepatitis B virus
HBeAghepatitis B e antigen
HBsAghepatitis B surface antigen
HCVhepatitis C virus
HDVhepatitis D (delta) virus
HEVhepatitis E virus
HIVhuman immunodeficiency virus
HSVherpes simplex virus
INRinternational normalized ratio (of prothrombin time)
KAUKing Armstrong Unit
LDHlactic dehydrogenase
MRImagnetic resonance imaging
NIH National Institutes of Health
NLMNational Library of Medicine
ProtimeProthrombin time
RUCAMRoussel Uclaf Causality Assessment Method
UKUnited Kingdom
ULNupper limit of the normal range
US United States
WHOWorld Health Organization
*Abbreviations that are not introduced before use.
*g gram
*kg kilogram
*mg milligram
*µg microgram
*ng nanogram
*L liter
*dL deciliter (100 mL)
*mL milliliter
*µL microliter
*µmol micromole
*im intramuscularly
*iv intravenously
*sc subcutaneously
*U Units
*vs versus